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Whether you are just starting out in the international business landscape or you would like to find out more about international shipments from Spain, it’s worth knowing what international shipping is and how it works. It’s also important to know about the average international shipping times so that you can plan ahead while remaining abreast of all international shipping and customs regulations. Read on to find out all about international shipping and the mechanics behind it.

What is international parcel shipping?

Simply put, international shipping is much like domestic shipping that takes place within the borders of a single country with the major difference being that international shipping goes beyond these borders and delivers cargo or parcels to an international destination and an international audience.

International shipping can be done via road, air, train, sea and more. However, irrespective of the means of transportation, it necessarily involves shipping to a different country altogether. As such, it requires familiarity and sound knowledge of the destination country’s rules and regulations for receiving imports.

How does international shipping work?

A question that we are frequently asked revolves around how to send cargo internationally. Whether through your e-commerce business or traditional business where items need to be shipped to a foreign location, the process of international shipping usually involves the following steps.

Step 1: The order is placed

This is where your customers place an order for your products through your website or through other means, requesting that their order be shipped to their country.

Step 2: The order is fulfilled

This is where you prepare the package for sending while ensuring that you have a shipping label and that your customs forms are accurately and completely filled out.

Step 3: The shipment of the order

You will now need to either deliver the parcel or shipment to a shipping company or you can request that they come and collect it from your premises. It is at this point of delivery that international and domestic shipments are separated for a smoother work flow.

Step 4: The order is prepared for export

At this step of the journey, the item will be sorted by destination country and also by its means of transport. For more on the various options, their timing and costs, take a look at our discussion below.

Step 5: The order is imported

This is when your parcel or package arrives at the destination country. You must bear in mind that customs clearance will take place as customs officials will scan the package, followed by calculating the amount of duties, taxes or fees that are owed (if any).

Step 6: The customer is notified that their parcel has arrived

The end customer will receive a notification that their parcel is ready for collection subject to the fees calculated in the previous step above (If any). No transfer of the package will take place until the payment has been effected.

Step 7: The package is delivered or returned

Here, there are two options. The first involves the collection or pick-up of the parcel by your customer and the payment of the necessary fees. The second occurs when there is no collection and the item is returned to the shipment’s country of origin.

How long does international shipping take?

Determining how long international shipping takes is a complicated process that involves a calculation of several factors. These may include the value of the product being exported, its size, volume and weight, the desired timing you’d like the item to be shipped within, the target market that you’re catering to and how quickly the want the product to be delivered as well as any and all customs requirements and forms that need to be accurately filled out.

However, there is an industry average and that is that economy or regular international shipping generally takes place within five to 10 days. Meanwhile, expedited international shipping can be much faster at a rate of one to three days.

In summary

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