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With shrinking global borders, faster speed of delivery, accuracy and tracking available as options, sending a parcel overseas is becoming easier than ever. With that being said, if you want to send a package to an international destination and this is a new experience for you, it’s worth noting down some important tips for doing so.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sending your family a care package or you’re a business owner who relies on timely shipments. The principles are the same. This is why this blog article offers you some useful tips when you want to send an international package to help you make the most out of your shipment while keeping your costs low. Let’s take a look at what you need to do.

Tips for sending parcels abroad

Irrespective of your destination, parcel size or contents, you need to be aware of important considerations when it comes to sending parcels internationally. Here is a comprehensive list of things that should be on your to-do list before you get started.

    1. Check if your items are considered prohibited or restricted

Every country has different rules about what items they do and do not allow to enter their borders. For example, Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned from some countries, while others ban perfumes, vitamins, tobacco and alcohol products.

     2. Find out how much it will cost you

Different parcel shipping service providers have different ways of calculating how much your shipment will cost. Some go by volumetric weight, others go by volume, while others go by weight alone irrespective of size. To be sure, find out what calculation methods your carrier uses and be sure to get a few quotes from different providers to compare the best prices. Bear in mind that the cheapest options may not always cover all your needs. So, ideally, you want to be looking for a middle ground when it comes to costs.

   3.  Select your service provider

When you’ve acquired several quotes, it’s time to choose who your service provider will be. You need to look at factors such as speed of delivery, the total cost and what it includes, whether they offer parcel tracking and protection as well as insurance, etc. It’s also worth checking whether there are any additional, hidden fees that you may not have been aware of at the outset. This is why it’s critical to read the fine print and get as much clarity and information beforehand as possible.

   4. Fill in the right documents

Because parcels sent internationally often go through customs, it’s necessary to fill in paperwork prior to sending your shipment abroad. This documentation usually involves a pro-forma invoice, a description of the goods, the value of the parcel itself and the intended destination.

   5. Get ready to pack (properly)

We often get asked what is the best shipping method for international shipments. The answer to this question is that it varies from person to person and parcel to parcel. If you’re not in a hurry, shipping by ocean freight is the way to go. Meanwhile air and land transportation are faster routes to take. Either way, one thing you shouldn’t leave off your to-do list is packaging your parcels properly. Your parcels will often be on a journey that involves land, sea and air transport and will be subject to shakes, bumps and shocks. Therefore, packaging is crucial to get your parcel to the right destination in one piece. Use a sturdy box and fill it with packing nuts, where necessary, and ensure that any fragile items are secure and will not move while in transit.

   6. Inform the recipient of the pending arrival

Once you’ve taken care of all the steps mentioned above, it’s also important to make sure to inform the receiver that the parcel is on its way. You can provide your chosen courier service with the recipient’s phone number and email address just in case there is a hiccup or additional information is required before the parcel is released from customs.

Other tips to keep in mind when shipping parcels abroad

While these are the main aspects to consider when you want to ship internationally, it’s also worth considering the following little-known-about tips for a more efficient service:

  • Avoid shipping on or over major national holidays as this will delay your shipment.
  • Double and triple-check that the recipient’s address is correct.
  • Inform yourself about which items cannot be protected from loss or damage.
  • Note that parcels marked as “gifts”with a value under 45 EUR are exempt from customs fees.
  • Packages that are insured are deemed more valuable and may be held at customs and taxed.
  • It’s also advisable to remove any price tags and packaging from items you’re sending before doing so in case customs opens them and assumes that they are brand new.
  • Once again, check for restricted and prohibited items before packing and sending anything across.
  • It’s often more affordable to send one large box of items as opposed to sending multiple items in smaller separate packages.

In conclusion

When you are ready to send international shipments from Spain, count on us at DRG Solutions to help you with any international courier service from Barcelona. Our trusted and helpful team will be able to advise you on all aspects related to your shipping needs – from packaging to costs to speed of delivery. We are at your service and ready to be of assistance so don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you are ready to ship abroad.