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That's where our international packaging option comes in. Completed by packing logistics specialists with access to the most effective materials, this service ensures your items get to where they need to go safe and sound.

No matter what you need to ship from Barcelona, packaging that's safe and secure enough to handle any mode of transportation isn't a problem. It's all part of the way we create a smoothly coordinated, agile supply chain that makes running your business simpler.

Combine features of the best transport and packaging companies

There's no need to liaise with other transport or packaging companies. No matter which transport companies we've hand-picked for the efficient, cost-effective, and timely delivery of your shipment, we can handle its safe and effective packaging too.

Alongside the full risk insurance we provide for any shipment you need to send - one-off, regular, and irregular alike - getting our logistics experts to handle your packaging too guarantees your goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition. We use only the latest packing materials and can incorporate your own unique branded packaging into the process.

    Unlike if you were trying to coordinate individual transport and packaging companies personally every time, we make the process as easy as telling us where you need to send items to and whether you need their packaging to be safe and secure, custom, or both.

It's more than just packing boxes

Efficiently packing boxes is one thing, and it's certainly something we regularly deliver. But we also handle almost all other types of packaging, making sure that everything from individual items and products to entire crates and pallets of goods are safe and secure, ready for transportation.

Because we work with some of the largest transport companies in the world, including UPS and FedEx, we are used to meeting the stringent standards that all kinds of providers can have for the goods they are willing to transport. We also commonly incorporate our clients' custom packaging materials into our processes, ensuring that branding guidelines are always met.

Envio de paquetes Internacionales Barcelona

Whether you need to guarantee the safe arrival of pallets of goods, you want to have your products secured inside your own branded packing boxes before they are shipped by any transport company, or you need individual products safely wrapped before being sent to almost any destination in the world, our packaging services help make your logistics processes as simple, smooth, and effective as they can possibly be.

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