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Trust us to organise the best shipment or shipments for you no matter your individual requirements. We prioritise budget, timeframe, and other options like express transit or special insurance protection.

Thanks to our relationships with all of the different carriers you can use to send a package to Switzerland from Spain, we are always able to secure the most efficient transit for your goods. Whether that's straightforward shipments by international parcel or a custom logistics solution made just for you.

Send a parcel to Switzerland using the most efficient solution

Your options when choosing between international parcel companies aren't always clear. Some might let you send a parcel to Switzerland via different levels of service. Some may give you good value by slower sea transit. Some might be faster but more expensive. Some might offer insurance cover. Some might not transport your particular type of goods.

The best deal for you - especially if you want to send a package to Switzerland cheaply - is often to combine the services that different carriers and couriers offer. For all but the simplest shipments, this takes work. But luckily, that's also where we come in.

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    We make sure you never pay more than you need to for your logistics. To do this, we compare the available options and use our superior bargaining power to negotiate with the firms in question. Because we arrange shipments for clients every day, the shipping companies we work with – that’s all of them – know we represent a high volume of traffic. This means they’re often willing to give us the best possible rate on your shipment.

    In turn, this means the route we arrange to send a parcel to Switzerland for you might vary. But the value and efficiency we achieve for you never do.

Why use us to arrange shipping to Switzerland?

Here's how we make shipping to Switzerland a smooth and efficient part of your logistics process:

  • Count on competitive rates - make use of our bargaining power and let us negotiate the best price for your shipment.
  • Rely on unlimited package capacity - use us to send or receive any volume of parcels.
  • Leverage a global network - we work closely with all local and international couriers, including UPS and FedEx.
  • Get full risk insurance - know your packages are protected while they are in transit.
  • Enjoy helpful personal contact - get caring personal service as our smallest customer or our highest volume client.

Find out how to send a package to Switzerland while achieving all of your individual requirements today. All you need to do is tell us what you need to send and where you need to send it, along with any set needs you have.

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In return, we make shipping to Switzerland simple. Our logistics experts will get right down to work negotiating with all of the shipping companies we work with regularly. As that's all of them, you'll know that your packages will soon be on their way. Using the best combination of services. And providing you with the best possible value.