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About DRG Solutions

DRG Solutions is a young company, integrated with the international group MBE.

We base our work on managing the entire process of your supply chain and solving all the logistical and transport problems our customers may have, thanks to the best network of collaborators in the market.

Our team is made up of highly qualified staff, with constant internal and external training, which enables us, together with our attitude, to solve, advise, and accompany any topic related to international trade.

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Why ChooseDRG Solutions

    We do this by selecting and coordinating the services offered by transport and storage companies in Barcelona, as well as across Catalunya, Spain, Europe, and, indeed, the world.

    You can rely on expertise in automotive logistics, textile logistics, publishing logistics – we cover almost every field and industry.

    How could your supply chain be working better? DRG Solutions will show you how.


1PL (First Party Logistics): Subcontracting of transport.
2PL (Second Party Logistics): Transport and storage outsourcing.
3PL (Third Party Logistics): Outsourcing in which the management of the IT tools responsible for managing the supply chain is in the hands of the operator.
4PL (Fourth Party Logistics): The logistic operator is responsible for any logistics operation of a company, including its strategic development.

Hiring a 4PL logistic operator means that the company in question wants, so to speak, to forget about the management of its supply chain. The operator becomes responsible for coordinating all logistics processes, including such important activities as commodity provisioning, management of logistics management indicators, and customer relations. The 4PL operator becomes the manager and the administrative manager of this area of the company.

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Sales Consultancy Team


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