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Plus, because we keep coming back to them for more, most shipping companies are willing to negotiate with us to get you a better deal. If you really need cheap shipping to Canada, this is the best way to get it. Secure in the knowledge that we also take into account all of your other requirements when arranging shipments by international parcel post or whatever solution is best for you.

Send a parcel to Canada from Spain today without the hassle of consulting the offerings of all the available shipping companies. Make one short call to us to get secure, convenient, cost-effective details arranged for a one-off shipment or all your business's logistics needs.

Send parcels to Canada - and more

You might need just to send a parcel to Canada. On the other hand, you might need warehousing and storage, to take into account special transit conditions, or to meet a very short delivery deadline. Whatever your requirements and concerns though, we make shipping to Canada simple.

Tell us what you need to send and where you need to send it. We can then either arrange the perfect one-off shipment or discuss everything you need from this regular supply chain, the returns procedure you want to set up for your eCommerce platform, or anything else you need to organise that requires shipments by international parcel companies of any kind.

courier service to Canada

    Covering all modes of freight – land, sea, and air – as well as working with all local, national, and international carriers such as FedEx and UPS, we make sure that all options are considered as we handpick the services and offerings that offer you the best value and most suitable support when you need to send parcels to Canada.

Why use us to arrange shipments to Canada from Spain?

Make use of our relationships with all of those top couriers and put the bargaining power we have with them to work on your behalf. Just like for all shipments we organise, we offer competitive rates whenever we arrange shipments to Canada from Spain.

You don't need to worry about the specifics of how to send a package to Canada. We'll work closely and directly with you to explore your shipment, take all the details, and then get down to work comparing, contrasting, negotiating, and building the best carrier solution for you on your behalf.

With us, you benefit from full risk insurance for everything we arrange to ship and we place no limits on package capacity. Simply get in touch with us to discuss the next shipments to Canada from Spain you want to arrange. There's no fee and no commitment to just talking things through with one of our logistics specialists.