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With DRG Solutions, your importation of products is now a seamless and hassle-free process. That’s because we have extensive experience to our name that ensures that we get everything you need - from packaging to paperwork and customs clearance - in one spot with a personal touch. It doesn’t matter whether you are our smallest or biggest client, with us you are guaranteed a personal approach to each of your import needs.

We understand that figuring out the complexities of international shipments can be hard, but with us at your side, this is no longer a worry. So, when you’re ready to import from China to Spain, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our professional team can handle all your import needs ranging from insurance and tracking to ocean and air freight - everything you need for a smooth and efficient process.

We handle the requirements to import from China to Spain so you don’t have to

There are numerous legal requirements to import from China to Spain that you have to comply with. And figuring out the complexities of this exercise along with language barriers can be tricky. But that’s not to say that it has to be this way. Especially when you choose DRG Solutions for your international shipments and imports. We handle all the required documents to import from China and we attend to the necessary customs clearance, too.

With us, you will always be able to enjoy transparency of our services, professionalism from our team and the budget-friendly options we offer.

    That’s why importing from China no longer has to be a difficult experience that you struggle with. Instead, it can be seamless and smooth when you choose the right partner. Whether you need assistance in getting a better understanding of the payments for customs clearance or the type of taxes you’ll need to pay, we can help with each of these requirements to import from China to Spain for your ease and convenience.

    Since we partner with major global names in the shipping industry, it doesn’t matter whether you choose air freight, ocean freight, road transport or all three – we are at your side and ready to be of service, treating each of our customers with priority, respect and professionalism.

What do I have to do to import products from China?

If you are an established business or you are in the process of launching a new business by importing products from China to Spain, you will certainly be wondering: what do I have to do to import products from China? With different regulatory frameworks and different languages, we understand that this landscape can seem hard to navigate, but we are at your side and can show you all the necessary steps to follow to import from China.

Many import companies trust us not least because we have been working with UPS and FedEx for years. But that’s not all! We also have extensive bargaining power due to our relationships with multiple couriers, meaning that you can benefit from truly affordable prices.

What’s more is that with us, you can also enjoy a direct and tailored relationship with our team that puts your needs first. Whether you have an unlimited package capacity, you’d like full-risk insurance or a combination of these, our experienced and professional team can help. So, when you’re worried and thinking about what do I have to do to import products from China, rest easy knowing that with DRG Solutions, your imports are in excellent hands.