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About Logistics of chemical products

With other logistics, the main challenges are things like cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility. To this, chemical logistics adds a whole slew of safety concerns and material handling standards. Standards which you need to know are being met at every stage of your goods' transit.

We do this by not only being a single provider. Instead, we assess and manage your needs and then create the solution. We compare the services and support offered by all kinds of chemical logistics companies and select the combination which makes sense based on your requirements.

You might be in the pharmaceutical industry, automotive manufacturing, food production - any of a hundred different businesses. But whatever industry you are in, we make sure your supply chain is managed and handled in a way that is sensible, logical, and safe. As well as being highly cost-effective.

Logística Química Especializada en Barcelona

Transport and storage of chemical products in Barcelona and beyond

    We do all the hard work of ensuring that everything related to the handling, transportation, and storage of chemical products is being handled through the most efficient means possible on your behalf. We are used to meeting a huge array of statutory regulations and safety standards as we create the package of services that will best meet your needs.

    You might need shipping solutions that include things like specific protections for certain chemicals. Temperature controls for certain substances. Or means to handle the transport and storage of chemical products marked as hazardous.

    Whatever it is you need to ship, store, or handle, we will build you the ideal solution. We manage solutions provided by air, land, and sea shipping and storage companies local to Barcelona or Catalunya, across wider Spain, Europe and around the world.

Import and export of dangerous chemicals in Barcelona and worldwide

The import and export of dangerous chemicals call for even more stringent safety measures and the meeting of certain regulations. Our extensive knowledge of customs and tax duties, not to mention the import and export regulations covering certain regions and countries, means we can always make your shipment happen cost-effectively, efficiently, and in compliance with all necessary rules.

You might need to arrange the import of chemical products to Spain. Whether your products are coming from inside or outside of the EU, we have the knowledge and pre-existing relationships with specialist shipping companies to make the process straightforward.

Alternatively, you might have chemical products to export from Spain. Again, we will cherry-pick the best services and support and manage the entire process on your behalf.

Get in touch with us and discuss your need for chemical logistics in Barcelona with one of our experts today.

We'll be glad to offer free advice about how we can improve your supply chains and further information at any time.

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