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About Textile Consulting & Logistics

In the textile and fashion industry, this often means counseling and full transport service If you purchase or sell internationally, it can also involve an understanding of customs duties, paperwork, and other requirements. Also the need to open new markets in other countries.

Whether you need to send multi-pallet shipments internationally, distribute locally, or anything in between, we can create the ideal solution for textile logistics in Barcelona. This will always be a solution that is unique to you and the demands of your business.

You might have to face different challenges that may arise, but working with us will have different ways to solve your doubts and problems.

Every Stage of Your Fashion Logistics in Barcelona Covered

    By selecting between the most suitable services, liaising with and coordinating the work of every fashion logistics company in Barcelona in your stead, we ensure that you always have the best solution no matter the challenge you are facing.

    Barcelona logistic offers a complete consultancy and logistics service in the management of deliveries at fairs and events at the national and international level.

    With a great experience in this area, we advise, plan, and carry out the entire operation from beginning to end and also follow up on your return.

Why Choose Us?

This is the segment in which we have specialized years ago, both in the industrial textiles for making all kinds of products and in the world of fashion and direct sale to the final recipient anywhere in the world.

We know the product, we follow the fairs and we provide comprehensive follow-up and advice on everything necessary to export or import.

The supply chains we create are seamless. They will integrate with the strategies for fashion logistics in Barcelona which you already use - and we can even analyse and tweak these to make sure you have the most effective solutions in place.

Let us liaise with all of the firms which handle textile logistics in Barcelona on your behalf and know that we will innovate to create the ideal solution just for you.

DRG Solutions

Whether you are planning to start selling to an emerging market or you simply need to meet the requirements of the highly demanding retail industry, we are here to make sure that your logistics are smoothly implemented and stress-free.

We create domestic and international logistics solutions, innovative supply chains to overcome all kinds of problems and tackle logistics issues directly so that you don't have to. You can rely on us for fashion logistics in Barcelona which include:


Get in touch with us and talk about how we might handle your textile and fashion logistics in Barcelona today.

We can calculate shipping costs based on things like weight and destination and provide quotes and cost estimates for all of the logistics you need at your request.

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