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Cosmetics Logistics


We don't just handle the shipping on your behalf - we manage every single aspect of your logistics or supply chain from start to finish.

You won't need to scroll through endless lists of different transportation options. You don't need to find a different transport company in Barcelona for each individual logistics challenge you face. Or spend time and money selecting their best-value services and then coordinating them.

Simply tell us what you need to send and where it needs to get to. We'll create a seamless supply chain. Find the perfect warehousing solution. Bring together your multimodal freight shipments. Keep your ongoing logistics agile so that you are always ready to respond to shifts in the market.

Or, if you need it, all of the above.

Coordinating transport services in Madrid and Barcelona is our specialty

Using a Single Transport Company

Using a single transport company to send your goods from Barcelona to locations across Catalunya, Spain, Europe or around the world can work for a single shipment. But when it comes to effective supply chains, multimodal freight shipping, and more complex solutions needed to tackle the specific demands of your industry or the market you are dealing with, we are the way to get yourself the best value for money - as well as the most efficient solution.

The Best Option

Whatever it is you need, we innovate the best option. So that's exactly what you get.

Logistica Internacional Barcelona

Multimodal Solutions

This might involve bringing together multimodal solutions - ground, air and sea transport - from multiple different companies. It might incorporate one provider for warehousing, another for shipping, yet another for distribution...

Fourth Party Logistics

As a 4PL, a Fourth Party Logistics and consultancy Provider, we work with all the transport companies in Barcelona and beyond. We handpick their most suitable services and options on your behalf, coordinating the ideal solution for your particular needs.

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    Discover our comprehensive solutions for transport, logistics, and consultancy in both Barcelona and Madrid

    Storage solutions and warehousing are a key part of the services we can cherrypick for you. You might need short-term warehousing to handle overflow or a long-term warehouse in Barcelona to facilitate the distribution of your goods or services to the local area.

    By making sure that you are always getting the best deal on the most convenient storage solution, we make sure you keep a solid competitive advantage over your closest rivals.

    What's more, the storage logistics we set up for you will fit seamlessly with the other logistics solutions we are setting up on your behalf - or those which you already have in place. Whether you need to set up local distribution, store goods ready for international shipping - and also have customs between Barcelona and any global destination handled on your behalf - we make sure you have the perfect solution set and ready to go.

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