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Worldwide shipping is gaining great momentum and is at an unprecedented level. All sorts of items get shipped from multiple locations to their destination each minute. If you’re interested in sending an international package, whether for commercial or personal reasons, there are a couple of things you need to know. These include how to prepare your package for international shipments to ensure that they arrive safely and in top notch condition. Ready to find out more? Let’s take a look.

How to send packages between countries?

Sending packages between countries used to take weeks and even months. Today is a different story altogether. These days, packages arrive quickly and conveniently through couriers, ships, air travel, road freight and more. To find out how to prepare your packages, we’ve got a few simple guidelines for you. Here are some of the most important ones.

1. Be ready for safe handling

Irrespective of the shipping method you’ve chosen, the very first thing you need to do is consider the mode of transportation you will be using and the various processes and movements your parcel will go through to get to its destination. From being forklifted and moved around to being positioned next to other unknown goods, you need to think beyond the packaging. It all needs to come together for international travel. Whether this is by ship (which involves a lot of movement) or air (which involves tilting), your package needs to be as sturdy as possible.

2. Invest in the packaging

In order to have a sturdy package, you need to invest in your packaging materials and supplies. These may include pallets, a measuring tape, weighing scales, plastic film, packing peanuts or foam, bubble wrap, and of course, the box and essential duct tape you’ll need. You may think that if you opt for cheap international shipping, you’re going to get the best results. However, it’s always advisable to speak to a trusted, reliable and professional courier or shipment company to help ensure that none of your items get damaged.

3. Internal packaging and taping is essential

And speaking of the packaging, you also need to consider the internal packaging and the taping as well. If you’re sending bottles of wine, for example, these are quite fragile and will need to be separated from each other so that the glass does not rub against each other. It’s also worthwhile investing in some foam or packing peanuts. And once you’ve filled up all empty spaces effectively, it’s time to seal the package. Use duct tape in an “H” manner to ensure that not only the middle parting is covered but the edges, too.

 4. Check the package’s weight

We mentioned weighing scales a bit earlier and they come in handy so that you know exactly what weight your item will weigh. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Having an accurate weight is essential for determining the right price for your package and shipment.

 5. Make duplicates of your shipping label

It’s also a good idea to create two shipping labels for your package. One copy should be placed inside the parcel while the other should be placed on the outside of it. This is a great protective measure in the event that your shipping label becomes lost in transit. If you make double sure that you’re covered from all angles, the chances of your package arriving to its destination is much higher.

6. Study your weak points and listen to customers

The final and possibly most important point is to study your weak points and to listen to your customers when it comes to your packaging and the methods you use to get things to them. Customers are the greatest source of feedback and recognising what they say by taking their recommendations into account is an incredibly powerful way of boosting your offering and retaining your loyal customers.

7. Bonus tips

We also have a couple of bonus tips for you to consider when you prepare a package for shipment. Here are some of our best practices and suggestions for the best experience possible:

– Gently shake the box to ensure that nothing inside moves. If you hear movement, then it’s time to consider using extra foam or packaging peanuts to fill the gaps better.
– Put specifications on heavy boxes if, for example, they can’t be carried by one person, they are fragile or they need special attention. The arrow up label is another good addition for special items.
– You should also consider placing your shipping order around two days prior to its departure. This will ensure that you handle any unexpected events well before they slow you down.
– During the festive season, try to send packages early to avoid backlogs and delays.
– Use polystyrene protection for large items and don’t send unboxed items or those wrapped in black plastic for increased safety. Also avoid using damaged boxes altogether.
– A “documents enclosed” slip for attaching extra documents to parcels should be used for increased convenience and a more seamless process.


Looking to send international shipments from Spain?

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