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To keep your goods safe on their journey it’s really important to pack them properly. Insufficient packaging may result in damage to items and any compensation cover to be invalidated.

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect contents from any potential damage during handling, storage, and transportation. The right packaging ensures goods stay intact from manufacturer to customer throughout the logistics chain.

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Types of packaging

Packing materials for outer packaging include:

  • Polyurethane shipping bags for light items and garments
  • Packaging tubes Small strong single-layered cardboard boxes
  • Large double/triple layered cardboard boxes
  • Brown polypropylene tape
  • Vinyl adhesive tape
  • Duct tape

Packing material for inner packaging includes:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Tissue paper
  • Crumpled paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Styrofoam inserts
  • Air pillows

How to pack a package to send?

Good packaging helps prevent damage to items during transit and ensures goods arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Remember that there are some risks involved in recycling boxes which may become creased or dented during previous shipments.

Before you pack your products you need to assess the weight, the size and shape, and the fragility and value of your goods.

Small items for shipping that typically weigh less than 150lbs can be packaged as shown below:

Choose a strong new cardboard box and place your goods inside. This will give you an idea of how much interior packing materials you’ll need to ensure your item is securely cushioned. Bear in mind electronic items will need extra protection with anti-static products alongside other inner packing materials, and fragile items will benefit from the box being placed within a larger box with more filler materials.

When the box is full close the lid flaps and tape all the seams with the packing tape at least two inches wide to avoid the parcel opening by accident. Leave taping the lid until last as there will be relevant information you will need to put inside before the final sealing such as a copy of the collection and delivery address in case the outer copy becomes detached.

Label the carton clearly and if required attach a Pro-forma invoice to the box. Weigh the complete package to ensure it meets your declaration or you may have additional charges from the carrier to pay.

With large products, you’ll need to take a few extra precautions to protect from compression, vibration, and accidental drops. You should:

Source the right materials such as a heavy-duty corrugated box with several stitched or stapled layers and seams. The filler materials need to include engineered polystyrene foam shaped to house the product and corrugated cardboard inserts to help support the item. Aim to leave a couple of inches of space on every side to prevent touching the box walls.

Use a few layers of heavy-duty tape to seal the box around every edge. Fibre-glass reinforced tape with water-activated properties can bond to the cardboard ensuring permanent sealing.

Bear in mind that large products often require additional shipping packaging such as pallets. Larger palletised goods may be shrink or stretch wrapped to provide extra cushioning during transit and will be strapped down for security.

Packing companies

There are many benefits to using a packing company to wrap and pack items on your behalf. The shipping centre will have all the materials needed to avoid damage during transit, particularly for fragile items.

Packaging and delivery supplies will cover:

  • Different sized boxes including customised options to cater for any items
  • Mailing tubes for posters, pictures, and blueprints
  • Bubble wrap to protect fragile items and breakables
  • Packaging tapes to cover the boxes and make them waterproof
  • Envelopes used for documents

Professional packers are experts in the field to enable goods to be packed quickly, and you’ll get advice on processing your transaction and how to take advantage of advanced tracking systems so that you know where your shipment is at any time and when your package arrived. The shipping service is systematic which means that all of your needs can be catered for ensuring swift and smooth delivery.

All sizes and weights of parcels can be sent in one transaction whether it be locally or globally as packing companies will be partnered with other reputable shipping companies to ensure that parcels arrive at their specified destinations on time.

International parcel shipping companies

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