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An invoice is required only if your shipment comes from or goes to countries outside the EU.

An invoice should be chosen based on your shipment item – whether it is a commercial sale of a product or a trade show or a gift.

The tax depends on the country of origin, types of shipment, and the quantity or the shipping items. For example, there will be no tax if your shipment comes from an EU country. However, you should expect a tax of 21% if your shipment is to be delivered to Spain from any country outside the EU.

The DRG Solutions team should be notified in advance that the shipment will be arranged using Incoterm DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) function which states that the taxes will be payable by the exporter.

Yes, DRG Solutions provides a 24/7 online tracking solution for your shipment that allows you to monitor the status & location of your shipment.

If a parcel has been insured prior to the shipment, you will get full coverage of what your items are actually worth. Otherwise, your items will be covered by  standard obligatory insurance that covers the items based on its weight in kg.

Incoterms define a transaction between importer and exporter. It helps both parties to understand the costs, tasks, and responsibilities.  It is vitally important to agree on all logistics and transportation management terms in advance in order to avoid confusion between buyers and sellers.