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E-commerce relies on effective shipping to get products across to customers wherever in the world they may be located. With the rise of online shopping, a staggering number of customers are looking for effective and affordable ways to shop. This includes shipping because its costs are factored in the final price they have to pay. In order to improve your efficiency, increase profits, boost customer satisfaction and more effective packaging for your products to be shipped is essential. Here are eight reasons why you need to consider packaging when you want to send an international package.

Branding and the unboxing experience

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of getting a package and it arrives at your doorstep in plain form with no branding, warped, damaged, torn and simply in poor condition, the chances are that you won’t buy from that company again. It simply leaves a poor impression. However, if you were to brand your packages, you will not only strengthen your business’ branding but also create an amazing unboxing experience that can help you get loyal customers. This is a small but great way of strengthening your reputation and whether you want to send a cheap international package or an expensive one, the unboxing experience will be the same for every client and they will remember you and also recommend you to others. This is a superb way of strengthening your business and ensuring you stay top of mind for customers over the months and years to come.

Safe delivery of the product

Branding is one thing but what about the actual product? Safety is crucial in delivering a product and the last thing you or your customer will want is something that’s damaged. Whether you use foam, bubble wrap, paper tissue or anything else will depend on the nature of the product. More fragile items will require much better and well thought out packaging than another sturdier product. Remember that packages need to be appropriate to the product. You don’t need to waste a lot of space and you should be as compact as possible. With that being said, it’s also crucial that the product will be able to travel safely and withstand shocks and bumps along the way before arriving at its final destination.

Eco-friendly is the way to go

When you look for an international parcel shipping company, you also need to ask whether their packaging is eco-friendly. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that it will be much cheaper for you in the long run to use these packaging items. The second reason is that customers are increasingly expressing a preference for environmentally friendly products including the packaging. This is not only great for the environment but is a way of ensuring that you capture an eco-aware audience.

Customer satisfaction

Great packaging can also lead to strong customer satisfaction. And there are numerous benefits of this. The main one being that customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty. In fact, if you prove yourself to your client, you’re likely to see repeat sales to them time after time. This is proven by research and is a strong motivator for factoring your packaging into the shipping equation.

Improve delivery time

Great packaging can also help to improve delivery times. If your box is labelled appropriately (for example: fragile), your courier will be able to deliver it with greater care and conscientiousness. You can also label your packages in other ways to ensure that they reach the desired final destination. Not doing so could mean delays in delivery, not getting the product to the customer at the right time or even delivering to the wrong address.

Increases productivity

Productivity can also be improved with custom packaging for shipping because when you have the packaging sorted, it’s a matter of filling the box or envelope with an item. You can also streamline your own business operations by dividing your backroom work areas into different sections – one for small items, one for medium and one for larger ones. This efficiency can certainly help you to create a more organised and efficient work space and ensure you fulfil more orders more quickly thereby reducing inefficiencies and improving your bottom line.

Lowers shipping costs

A further aspect to custom packaging that’s crucial for consideration is related to lower shipping costs. Every business needs to optimise their operations and reduce expenses. Although shipping is a necessary expense in e-commerce, it can also add up very quickly. However, if you have a system of packaging items in different areas (that was discussed above), you also can reduce your total shipping costs.

Profit maximisation

All of the above reasons are contributing factors for increasing and maximising your profits. When you stimulate customer loyalty and create a great unboxing experience, you also boost customer retention. Branding your packaging is a very small but worthwhile endeavour. Then, once you’ve done that and have ensured that your items are efficiently packed, you can also streamline your operations better by ensuring that smaller items are packaged in groups separately from larger items. In turn, this will reduce the time spent packaging, lower your labour costs, decrease inefficiencies and enable you to spend more time on fulfilling orders so that you can boost your bottom line.

In closing

There may be multiple courier companies in Barcelona but only one courier service in Barcelona can truly help you deliver your items to the right address at the right time in excellent condition. Choose DRG Solutions to help you with any international courier services from Barcelona to help you save on costs and expenses and improve your profitability.