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The importance of courier services continues to grow as speed and efficiency of delivery remain two of the most paramount factors within both the business and domestic community. Courier and parcel services provide cost-effective solutions and often offer next-day and even same-day delivery to meet all your needs. Look at the many benefits of using courier services here…

Send a package by courier

Many courier services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and couriers can pick up items from your work or home location and deliver them directly to your specified address. This is a service that specialises in door-to-door pickup and delivery and provides a much more reliable solution to other slower delivery options.

Local courier services also offer the flexibility of scheduling specific pickup times with experienced couriers who know the area well and will always arrive within the allocated time. Schedules typically include after-business hours, weekend, and holiday services with urgent delivery options often providing one-hour delivery times. Important documents such as legal business papers, bank drafts, and delicate artwork for example can all be delivered quickly and safely by bicycle between firms in the same vicinity or by vehicle to convey products across long distances.

As there are fewer steps taken within the courier delivery service your package will rarely be lost in transit, and in these instances, your courier service will carry insurance that protects you, and less handling also reduces the risk of damage. Package size and type are also subject to fewer restrictions, and you’ll always be able to track your package so that you know when it’s been delivered.

As the cost of transportation is primarily based on the distance travelled the cost of a courier service is affordable. And clear communication is also beneficial as this is carried out via email, SMS, phone calls, or other options. Knowing that your parcel will be delivered safely and securely at the time requested makes using a trusted courier service a great option.

Choosing the best courier for your needs

Use the following tips to ensure you make the right decision when selecting your courier company:

  • Reliability is most important so read online reviews to ensure consistent high ratings.
  • Make sure a range of delivery services is offered including same-day or next-day options with parcel tracking options.
  • Opt for dependable, professional and fast service, with contacts who are polite, friendly, and helpful.
  • Look for adequate insurance cover that’s provided to ensure peace of mind for any loss or breakages during transit.
  • Save money by finding true value rather than opting for the lowest price.

Send an international package

Shipping packages globally is a major factor in the modern business world. Courier companies provide business packages that can be customised for individual business requirements. Outsourcing is the best option for providing you with a service that can guarantee items get to their destination safely at the specified time.

Fastest speed deliveries include Global Express Guaranteed options that are perfect for when you’re sending items that need to arrive urgently. And Priority Mail Express offer money-back guarantees for date-certain deliveries in some locations for delivering important items that need to arrive in less than a week.

Couriers are the most familiar option as a method of shipping internationally as goods will be delivered directly to the door of the destination whichever mode of transportation has been selected. This may be air, sea, or land depending on delivery deadlines. An international courier service is also preferable as it provides faster delivery, and additional security by keeping a track of all items, and a signature will also be required from the recipient.

An international courier service can ship and deliver goods of varying shapes and sizes and provide insurance and guarantees on deliveries. Courier services are designed to offer high levels of customer service and satisfaction and international couriers also have documents and permits to allow faster parcel clearance through the customs process.

Reputable international courier companies will offer additional services to meet your shipping needs. These will include:

  • Collection and delivery.
  • Notifications such as delivery confirmation and proof of delivery.
  • The declared value for carriage, including import control.
  • Shipment and clearance consolidation.

Courier services in Barcelona

DRG Solutions can help with any international courier services from Barcelona, and not only will the shipping be managed on your behalf but every aspect of your logistics will be taken care of too. You’ll get the best value for money as a single transport company will be used to send your goods around the world.

Involvement of multimodal solutions includes air, sea, and ground options to ensure the ideal solution for your particular shipping needs is met every time. By using one of the most trusted courier companies in Barcelona your international shipping process will run like clockwork.