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What is industrial logistics? Industrial logistics definition is one of project management where a team works to meet criteria at a specified time using supply chains, warehousing, transportation, consultation, and planning.

Industrial logistics systems consist of resources of people, information technology, the management of inbound and outbound logistics – reducing the time that goods reach their destination. Door-to-door solutions for industries such as chemical and industrial equipment are provided by logistic companies with many years of industrial experience.

Overall management of the supply chain from the plant to the distribution of sites will be undertaken by your chosen industrial logistics company. Find out more about the industrial logistics cycle here…

Logistics in industrial manufacturing

A great deal will depend on your products as operations within a logistics industrial warehouse will change accordingly. Customisation is key to proper and safe storage. If chemicals are being stored ready for transportation, for example, there needs to be adequate provision for containment and disposal of containers, and knowledge of the exact storage temperature.

If heavy goods are to be stored equipment needed on-site will include forklift trucks and overhead cranes, and any other necessary means of transportation to move objects. Optimising warehouse space will be just one of the ways of keeping costs down as this directly affects overheads.

Everything within the warehouse will be carried out precisely with the use of the proper tools and gear. Safety will be a part of the culture within the premises, and the safety of all employees, equipment, and processes will be vital to the flow of the materials shipping out.

An insight into Industrial projects

Every individual project relies on the synchronisation of operational requirements, and tailor-made solutions are key to success. See below sectors where operational solutions meet stringent demands:

  • Oil and gas – including production, exploration, and rig moves
  • Mining – covering infrastructure, construction, and supply
  • Power – comprising of stations and substations, and wind and solar plants
  • Industrial – involving manufacturing and chemical plants, cement factories, and construction work

Industrial Logistics in BarcelonaIndustrial project support

Industrial logistics companies understand the importance of designing and monitoring operations to ensure success. For each project, the following will take place:

  • A dedicated contact will liaise with you and local experts to provide customised management
  • Professionals will analyse product specifications, account regulations, and conduct a feasibility study
  • Provision will be made for global transportation
  • Ocean freight, air freight, rail, and road multimodal transport will be available whatever the size, type or weight of the shipment
  • Customs operations will be managed
  • Monitoring of operations in real-time will be ongoing

Assets of industrial logistics experts

You’ll be kept informed at each stage of the shipping process right up to the final delivery onsite. The process will be carried out by a network of specialists with years of industry experience and a first-class knowledge of local environments. Specialised operational planning will guarantee flexibility for every stage of the transportation process, and compliance with strict standards, local and international regulations, alongside your specific requirements.

Inbound logistics

Where the managing of multiple suppliers is essential a trusted industrial logistics company will provide:

  • Multi-modal transport including traditional transportation by rail
  • Tailored packing solutions with reusable packaging
  • Accurate inventory control
  • Cycle times with sequenced and scheduled deliveries to the assembly line
  • Cross-docking designed to consolidate and quickly move goods from a variety of origins to different destinations
  • Management and optimisation of all customs operations

Industrial Logistics Company SpainOutbound logistics

The implementation of distribution in line with product regulations is essential and you would also expect:

  • Storage and onsite logistics with relevant costings
  • Optimised multimodal distribution
  • Safety records, insurance, and claim procedures
  • Quality controls throughout the supply chain
  • Delivery of finished products
  • International freight forwarding

Transportation and logistics

Transportation is a part of the logistics industry operation. It focuses entirely on the definition and deployment of different modes of transport such as sea, air, rail, and road. This movement from one location to another is divided into infrastructure, vehicles, and operations. It’s an essential function as it provides trade and communication between parties.

Logistics includes the process of planning, implementing and controlling methods for the optimum storage and transportation of goods. Related information and services are provided from the source to the final destination, conforming to all legal and customer requirements.

In conclusion

Improved business processes and the advance of new technologies have transformed the logistics industry. Real-time monitoring of shipments and seamless exchanges of operational information with regards to key performance continues to have a deep impact. Efficient speeds, lower costs, and ever-improving services are at the heart of the business.

Coordinating the services of a reputable logistic company will result in effective supply chains, the provision of multi-modal freight shipping, and care is taken of any additional specific demands of your industry. The most suitable options will be hand-picked to coordinate the ideal solution for your particular industry shipping needs.