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What is a courier service? A courier service is defined as a premium all-inclusive facility that collects and delivers consignments in the shortest possible time frame. A large function of courier services is the speed and efficiency of shipments’ general delivery, with fewer restrictions of sizes, and real-time tracking.

So, what are the types of courier services? Read on to find out more…

Courier Services Data

International Courier Services

International courier companies provide shipping from one country to another, and those that specialise in international delivery will offer the best rates. Costs may vary depending on the size of your shipment, and the deadlines that you may need to meet.

International courier services include air and sea freight, alongside road and rail options. Shipment tracking will also be offered so that you can see where your consignment is at every stage of the journey, and you’ll always be accurately updated.

Finding a courier company that focuses on international shipping will also provide you with access to better connections with port authorities, and help with acquiring permits and customs clearance. International laws will automatically be understood and complied with on your behalf.

Standard Courier Services

Standard courier shipping services follow set guidelines which include package weight and location of the sender and recipient. There will often be a maximum weight restriction, so this service is most suitable for small and medium parcels. The threshold for large packages is typically 50kg.

Two to three days is the average time a package will take to be delivered, and this option is often the cheapest way for you to go if you’re not in a rush.

Express Courier Services

Express courier services are used for urgent deliveries. This same day messaging service needs to have instructions received by noon to ensure that arrangements can be made for acquiring your parcel and the route subsequently planned for local delivery.

Working with a reliable courier service will ensure that you can get a last-minute request and a bespoke solution like the same day service when you need it. Delivery by express is the fastest delivery method and costs will vary depending on your chosen courier.

Overnight Courier Services

Overnight deliveries are ideal for businesses who are unable to get goods delivered between 8.00am and 5.00pm. You can book your delivery the day before to ensure your consignment is collected and sent through the night.

The most will be made of substantial road networks by drivers who have the knowledge and the expertise to handle your overnight delivery with care and see it safely to its destination.

Next-Day Delivery

This courier service is perfect for last-minute delivery requests, and a really efficient solution for purchases made online. Real-time tracking and updates are generally available through a tracking number – avoiding enquiries that need to be made via other means such as a customer service team. You’ll easily be able to find out the exact status of your goods at any time.

Other types of courier

Luggage delivery services

Couriers are also an ideal option for delivering excess baggage – picking up your luggage and delivering it to your chosen destination. You can request additional packing for extra protection to avoid any damage on the journey. And you’ll have access to real-time tracking.

Onboard courier

For confidential documents and important packages, an onboard courier service may a sensible option. An experienced courier will handle everything to ensure speed, security, and fast delivery. This expertise will also be invaluable for getting goods through customs without any delay.

Pallet shipping services

Courier companies can also ship goods on pallets with pickup and delivery times planned between the sender and the courier company. Care must be taken when selecting the type of pallet used for transportation, with larger loads costing more.

Parcel services

Parcel deliveries by couriers are becoming increasingly popular, especially when they’re small and arrive at the chosen destination quickly. You can request special instructions such as food items, and if delivery is local, a same-day delivery timetable is typically followed.

Additional services

  • Drop-off locations – customers who can’t be at home for pickup of deliveries can arrange to leave packages at a specific location from where the courier will collect the goods.
  • Extra insurance options – purchasing extra insurance may be an option provided by courier companies for higher value or fragile items.
  • Warehousing – some courier companies will offer storage facilities with payment relative to the number of days the shipments are stored.

All-in-one solutions for your deliveries

DRG Solutions can help with any international courier services from Barcelona. You’ll be provided with the best option for your transportation needs with ground, air, and sea options from multiple companies. The most suitable services will be hand-picked on your behalf – and storage facilities will be available for short or long-term warehousing should you need them. Any global destination will be handled for you – all you need to do is request a free quote now!