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Whether you’re a holidaymaker attracted to the top tourist destination in Asia, a business owner needing to send goods, or considering studying abroad and wanting to send in Japanese you’ll need to find ways of shipping to Japan. This guide will give you all the advice and information you need.

Options for international shipping to Japan

How to send luggage to Japan?

You can easily send your luggage and boxes by unaccompanied baggage shipping. This is when you send your luggage ahead before you travel which is a great option for holidaymakers and students.

You’ll be able to get a quick quote by simply entering the county you’d like your luggage collected from, your destination address in Japan, and a collection date. Then you can book your unaccompanied luggage shipping online any day of the working week. A booking confirmation email will be sent to you a few days in advance with a tracking number so that you can follow the progress of your bags.

You can choose to download and print your labels or have them printed and sent to you. You’ll also receive forms via email with customs clearance information that you need to complete, print, and attach in a separate wallet.

How to send a package to Japan?

You can send a parcel to Japan with trusted international courier companies. Shipping to Japan from Spain works by you selecting the most suitable option and the most acceptable payment method. You’ll be able to send small or large parcels with quality services available for competitive prices.

All shipments will be covered by standard insurance and if goods are particularly valuable you’ll be able to request extra insurance cover. Your parcel will arrive swiftly and securely as platforms are able to bring together an entire range of local and international couriers, and will always choose the best shipment transportation routes.

The delivery time depends mainly on the distance your parcel needs to be transported. The average time is about eight days, but you can opt for express delivery that increases delivery times to one to two business days.

Remember that in order to send a parcel to Japan from Spain that gets to its destination undamaged you’ll need to pack goods to minimise this possibility. You need a strong and secure box with adequate bubble wrapping used as a cushion to protect enclosed items. When sealing the parcel attach the necessary printed labels in a visible place.

How to send sea freight to Japan?

Sea freight is normally used when you’re shipping large bulky items which are loaded onto cargo ships in containers. Your goods are likely to be transported in a 20ft or 40ft container. You can choose Full Container Load Shipping which entitles you to exclusive use of a container or Less Than Container Load where you share a container with products shipped by other companies.

The benefits of sea freight are the safety of your goods, the cheaper costs, and the flexibility of being able to fit more on a ship than a plane. Most shipping companies will send you all the customs clearing forms you need to fill in prior to the transportation.

Bear in mind that this service can take a number of weeks as you need to take into account the time taken to clear customs at both points of origin and destination. There are also a number of issues that can cause delay such as poor weather and challenges with local haulage procedures that you need to allow for.

How to send air freight to Japan?

Air freight to Japan normally takes around one to two days and is typically more expensive than sea freight. The cost is determined by the weight and size of your parcel alongside other charges incurred by customs agents services.

Packages cannot contain prohibited items or hazardous goods so you’ll need to research current customs rules. And parcels must be packed safely and securely for transport prior to collection.

Advantages include the suitability for sending smaller consignments and the extra security offered by airlines and airports and obviously the speed of delivery.

All in one solutions for international shipping to Japan?

Shipping from Japan is made easy when you rely on DRG Solutions who can help with any international courier services from Barcelona. A single transport company will be used to send your goods with multimodal freight shipping. Ground, air, and sea transport will be brought together with the most suitable services and options selected on your behalf.

If you need warehousing facilities for your business storage solutions can also be arranged as part of the service. When you need to store goods ready for international shipping between Barcelona and Japan this will be the perfect solution for you. You’ll get all aspects of the shipping handled for you alongside every single aspect of your logistics.