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Whether you want to expand your business by shipping packages to the United States from Spain, or simply want to send large packages using standard shipping methods that take a reasonable time and are also cost-effective, this guide will give you all the information you need to know.

How long does it take to ship to the United States from Spain? Read on…

Standard shipping explained

Standard shipping is an average shipping service that works well for small to large boxes. It provides a full tracking option that allows you as the sender, and the recipient to see exactly where the package is in real-time.

The price for standard shipping will vary depending on the weight and size of your parcel as well as the location. You can easily use an online quote calculator to get quotes from shipping companies so that you can compare prices and book online which often gives you an additional discount.

Standard shipping times

shipping packages to the United StatesRegular airmail and non-certified airmail should arrive between seven and 10 days. You may need to add a few days if the origin or the destination is in a remote area. Express post can reduce the time to between three to five days, again depending on location.

Estimated delivery times are based on the total days the package is on the way and may differ from the actual delivery time.

Standard international shipping

International shipping means that you send your parcel to anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to select an international parcel service that suits your time frame and your budget. Rates depend on the particular service you choose – from Standard to Express, Express Saver, and Express Plus all available to book.


Sea shipping methods and times


Sea freight is a cheap and cost-effective method of getting your goods to the United States, but although it’s less expensive than air freight it takes much longer to get there. You’ll need to allow for several weeks for your cargo to complete its journey.

If you choose sea freight your goods will be shipped in an individual or shared container with the majority of suppliers providing full door-to-door service.


Air shipping methods and times

Airfreight will ensure your delivery to the United States will arrive in just two to three days. If you’re wanting to move things within a set budget this expensive option with premiums may not be the method of transportation to choose.

Time-affecting details on shipping internationally

There are certain things to bear in mind when you want to send a package to the United States from Spain. These include:

  • Customs clearance which requires an inventory declaring everything
  • Choosing the right courier and parcel companies in Spain for your delivery deadlines
  • Not breaching the guidelines for restricted or dangerous items
  • Paying attention to international shipping address formats
  • Being aware of any potential delivery delays
  • Taking note of your chosen couriers operating times and deadlines for holiday deliveries

Using a freight forwarder

When you want to export cargo to the United States from Spain a freight forwarder is an invaluable asset. This is basically a term given to a company that receives and ships goods on your behalf and chooses whether to ship a consignment by road, rail, or sea.

This comprehensive service can include:

  • Both commercial and personal shipmentsinternational shipping from barcelona
  • Door-to-door for any weight to any international destination
  • Complete documentation, labelling, and marketing
  • Full insurance cover
  • Packaging, crating, and casing options
  • Secure warehousing
  • Customs clearance procedures
  • Arranging transit

Your freight forwarder will choose to send your goods by sea or air in one of the following four ways:

Door-to-door – from your location in Spain to your clients address in the United States

Door-to-port – from your location in Spain to your chosen seaport or airport in the United State

Port-to-door – from your chosen seaport or airport in Spain to your clients address in the United States

Port-to-port – from your chosen seaport or airport in Spain to your chosen seaport or airport in the United States

Courier delivery times

Reputable couriers will typically collect and dispatch next day pallets from Spain via a dedicated mode of transport that will provide you with a three-day transit, although five working days should be allowed for. Rapid transportation will be offered, but occasionally delivery timescales may be affected by the weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Depending on the location collection and delivery may be available depending on the distance, and an online tracking feature will be readily available online or by direct contact with customer services. Estimated delivery times for USPS Express Guaranteed for example can take one to three days. USPS Priority Mail Express International offers a three to five days service, with DHL Express worldwide providing a four-day option.