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Shipping to Argentina from Spain isn’t a problem – even though the countries are over 6,000 miles apart! Online shipping platforms bring together thousands of international and local carriers offering competitive prices for shipping services. And online shipping calculators make it simple for you to ensure you get the best deal.

How long does it take to ship to Argentina from Spain? Read on…

Advantages of using shipping platforms

To get the best time frames and deals it’s a good idea to use online shipping services. This means that you cut out the need to deal with the middle links of the shipping chain. You’ll be able to:

  • Pick a service that meets your needs exactly
  • Save time by not having to constantly speak to carriers and suppliers
  • Get real-time shipping rates with up-to-date shipping calculations
  • Find shipping options quickly
  • Have a full insight into the cost and efficiency of different shipping options
  • Ship anything, anywhere – any freight can be transported safely and securely
  • Benefit from compliance and regulation automation that will avoid country-specific issues

Types of shipping

There are different shipping options available depending on the size and weight of your items and how quickly they need to arrive at their destination:

Airfreight – is the quickest way with goods arriving from one to three days. A plane will get your belongings to Argentina within three days but this comes at a price – it can be many times more expensive than arranging shipments to Argentina by boat.

Sea freight – this is a much cheaper way of sending goods, but the compromise is the length of time it will take those items to arrive. 18 to 23 days at sea is typical, but this could change due to adverse weather conditions.

International shipments by ship will generally be done by the use of containers. These come in standards sizes of 20ft or 40ft. If your shipments to Argentina from Spain are less than 20 cubic metres then you’ll be able to share the use of a container with others cutting down on your cost still further. Many suppliers will offer a door-to-door delivery service which is extremely convenient.

Palletised shipping – the use of flat transport structures known as pallets involves placing and securing goods onto these skids before transporting them to their destination. Cargo consignments are piled on top and utilised within the container ships.

Other delivery services

Parcel shipments to Argentina can go by different methods:

Express shipping – international shipments to Argentina can go by International Pickup where you can have your package picked up from your home or work address within four working days. Express delivery from certain platforms for international shipments from Spain can be delivered in as little as one to two business days.

If you prefer you can book online, print your address labels yourself, and drop your parcel off at your local participating store.

Economy shipping – a tracked mail service can be booked online via a shipping calculator and printed labels attached to your parcel that can be dropped off at your local Post Office. Delivery times are generally between 11 and 22 working days, so is ideal for items without a specific delivery deadline.

Courier – a budget-friendly courier option will take on average 14 days to deliver goods from Spain to Argentina. However, this timeline may differ depending on the distance.

Customs and restricted items

If you get a trusted shipping company to take care of your consignment you’ll be helped through the customs process. A clear and precise inventory will need to be prepared of items being taken into Argentina, as this will avoid the need for physical inspections which can delay the import procedure.

Some restricted items are shown below but this list isn’t exhaustive. If in doubt you should use the official website for more information:

  • Medicines – particularly those that may cause addiction
  • Plants and animal products – any products that are from protected species, or that contain parts of animals
  • Weapons and firearms – only allowed if prior consent has been given by the local district police
  • Money – you will not be allowed to carry more than 10,000 euro or equivalent in another currency

Motorcycles, clothing, and spare parts have been recently added to the restrictions on imports, and art and artworks now need an import licence.

Contact the professionals

If you don’t have the time or the confidence to go it alone DRG Solutions can help with any international shipping from Barcelona to Argentina. All you need to do is get in touch for all the help and advice you need, and to request a free quote. The most suitable services and transport options will be chosen on your behalf, getting your goods delivered efficiently for a cost that suits you.