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When you’re looking to distribute goods to a customer, deliver important documents, or simply send a gift for a special occasion it’s good to know the basics of shipping from mainland Spain to Venezuela. Look at all the information you need including how long does it take to ship from Spain to Venezuela here…

Your shipping options:

Air freight

Air shipment to Venezuela is quick but it also tends to be quite expensive. It’s the fastest solution for time-sensitive shipments with same-day pick-up available. Deliveries in express services takes 3 to 4 days! However, it’s not a cost-effective method for shipping light and inexpensive goods and since air freight has a high carbon emission it’s not as eco-friendly as other modes of transport.

The types of goods that can be transported by air freight services typically include documents and envelopes, packages of up to 70kg, and shared access for cargo or full charter flight options. Such shipments travel out of passenger and commercial aviation gateways to destinations where planes can fly and land.

There are many advantages to using air freight for shipments to Venezuela from Spain and these include:

  • Goods transported to your chosen destination quickly and easily
  • Flights rarely delayed so delivery deadlines will be met
  • Items safely transported as there are tight security measures enforced at airports
  • Customs clearance should be rapid as air cargo is usually is unloaded speedily

Sea Freight

Ocean shipments to Venezuela from Spain are significantly cheaper – often costing up to five times less than air freight fees. Most suppliers will arrange your shipment by ship from Spain to Venezuela by offering a door-to-door service which means the entire process will be taken care of for you.

Shipping times to Venezuela vary but the average is around four weeks for goods shipped in a dedicated shipping container.

Shipping options include:

  • Package shipments – both individual or business requirements can be met by the best-known couriers
  • Luggage shipments – with pick-up locations and destinations readily available for belongings packed in additional boxes for protection during transit
  • Pallet shipments – when you need to ship larger quantities or are relocating palletised shipping works alongside storage and warehousing options
  • Container shipments – choices include 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, and those suitable for transporting cars
  • Part load or full load shipments – a part load shipment will be shared with others and sorted at the point of destination

Shipping advice

Using an online platform will ensure that you get the best deals in terms of shipping price and time for delivering your goods from Spain mainland to Venezuela. This online shipping platform compares thousands of international and local couriers to ensure quality services at competitive prices.

Other advantages include:

  • Parcels from Spain to Venezuela will be delivered from door-to-door
  • All shipments will be fully insured
  • Small and large parcels can be shipped
  • Best prices are guaranteed
  • Real-time tracking options are offered

International shipping for businesses

International shipments from Spain will require customs clearance. For sea shipments to Venezuela, this would normally be completed within one week. Venezuela calculates import tax and customs fees based on the value of the imported goods as well as the shipping costs. You will be required to provide a clear and specific inventory declaring the value of each item.

Bear in mind that there are some items that are restricted in Venezuela and must not be sent via air or sea freight and these include but aren’t limited to:

  • Alcohol
  • Certain medicines and all controlled drugs
  • Plants and animal products
  • Products from protected species
  • Seeds
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons and firearms

Trusted logistics providers will give you all the help you need with shipments to Venezuela from Barcelona. They’ll access a network of international carriers on your behalf and get you the best deal for the goods you want to ship and for your budget. Highly trained logistics teams will get you shipment moving as soon as possible.

Working with all transport companies to bring together multimodal solutions – air, sea, and ground transport –and sourcing one provider for warehousing and storage, another for shipping, and another for distribution. This is when the ideal solution for your particular requirements is met without you having to worry.

You’ll also be given all the advice you need with regards to customs clearance, and the documents you need to provide.

Shipping costs

These are dependant on whether you choose air or sea freight, and on the type and size of your cargo. As an example, the shipping rates for a 20ft container from Spain to Venezuela start from around €2100 up to €2900.

Opening an account with certain couriers can save you up to 40% when you ship instantly. You’ll get personalised rates, be able to manage pickups, and use advanced shipping tools for a streamlined shipping experience. Bear in mind that transportation costs may be affected by other additional surcharges due to the nature of the shipment.