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About Real Estate Logistics

When most people think about logistics, they think about trucks and transport fleets and pallets of goods being loaded aboard. But it is logistics properties that are really at the centre of an efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

That's why we provide real estate logistics consulting services and often suggest that it should be a priority for many of our clients.

We don't rely on a single company to provide the facilities your supply chain needs to operate smoothly. Instead, we provide distribution centre, fulfilment and warehousing consulting. To accomplish this, we search all of the available options and bring together the perfect combination for you.

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Find the perfect logistics real estate properties in Barcelona

    By selecting between the most suitable services, liaising with and coordinating the work of every fashion logistics company in Barcelona in your stead, we ensure that you always have the best solution no matter the challenge you are facing.

    Barcelona logistic offers a complete consultancy and logistics service in the management of deliveries at fairs and events at the national and international level.

    With a great experience in this area, we advise, plan, and carry out the entire operation from beginning to end and also follow up on your return.

Real estate logistics consulting services

This will always be a solution matched to your particular business and the demands of your specific industry. You might need the perfect space to store, send, pick, sort, organise or pack goods of any kind. Be it located in large-scale logistics parks, business parks or so-called city parks - flexible logistics buildings located in city centres - we will locate the ideal logistics real estate properties and solutions.


Get in touch with us and discuss your needs for real estate logistics in Barcelona, Spain or anywhere in Europe or around the globe with us today.

We can provide further information about the way we work as well as advice for getting what you need at any time.

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