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Shipping internationally can open up your business to new markets which potentially can grow your sales dramatically. It provides you with the opportunity for year-round sales as you continue to reach more customers.
There are several options you can choose for international deliveries and there can be challenges if you only send individual packages or don’t distribute enough products for partial or full shipping loads. What is the cheapest way to send an international package? Read on to find out more…

Cheap international shipping

You can send a cheap international package by:

A courier company

Courier companies have sorting centres and warehouses across the country and are flexible and convenient to use. International courier services allow you to send parcels the very next day and are ideal for both business and personal use.

Booking a courier service online is quick and you can select a collection option from your home or workplace, or arrange to drop your parcel off at a depot or post office. All you need to do is select your service online, add any additional compensation cover as required, make a payment, and print off the parcel labels to attach to your packages.

Prices will depend upon the weight and speed of the service chosen and discounts are available. International parcel delivery services may deliver to over 200 countries and territories reaching almost the entire global population.

Package forwarding companies

Package forwarding companies have warehouses that provide customers with the option of sending packages to the warehouse and the company then forwards them on. Once the company receives the clearly addressed label the customer is notified by email.

All packages are linked to customer accounts based on a unique ID that’s received upon registration. Many package forwarding companies also offer additional services such as package consolidation. You’ll be required to fill in a customs declaration and select your delivery method. Although package forwarding companies use couriers they have contracts that offer some of the cheapest international shipping possible.

Sea freight

You can send an international shipment by sea to get prices that can be up to 70% lower than shipping by air. You can ship large volumes at low costs, with freight forwarders consolidating consignments on your behalf to reduce costs even further.

There are many advantages of shipping by ocean freight which include the most competitive costs, especially over long distances. It’s an efficient way of transporting heavy and bulky cargo safely and is environmentally friendly reducing the carbon footprint by consuming less fuel.

The main disadvantage is the time it takes to get the cargo to its destination as this can take weeks. Delays can be caused by extreme weather conditions and you may not be able to track your shipment. And to reach the final destination your shipment will need to be loaded onto another means of overland transport.

The types of maritime transport include:

Cargo ships: ranging in size often with special refrigerated compartments for storing perishable goods.

Container ships: with 20-40ft containers that can easily be loaded and unloaded onto vessels.

Barges: cargo container ships will often tow barges behind to increase storage space.

Air freight

You can send an international package by air but it does tend to be more expensive due to the overall demand and the limited spaces available. However, the price difference can be negligible for lightweight and small items.

There are many advantages of using air freight which include an unbroken journey over sea and land, high-speed quick services, and reliable arrival and departure times. Same-day delivery can often be arranged through international parcel shipping companies, and there’s an entire network of destinations that can be reached worldwide.

Air freight also requires less packaging than other transportation methods which results in a reduced weight limit. This means greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency, especially for volume shipments.

The main disadvantage of an air freight forwarder is typically the cost due to the additional support on offer. It can be a wise investment if shipping valuable or fragile items that need that added safety from tightly-regulated airport security measures.

Tips for getting cheap international shipping

  • Establish a schedule with delivery dates that give you flexible transport options.
  • Remember that shipping companies charge for cargo based on its weight.
  • Consult with your shipping company and ask them to remove original boxes and consolidate your products.
  • Look out for deals and discounts from international freight companies.
  • Choose the right freight forwarder to significantly lower your costs.

Need an all-in-one solution for sending an international package?

Courier companies in Barcelona include DRG Solutions, which can help with any international courier services from Barcelona. You’ll get the best value for money and the most efficient solution to getting your shipment to the right destination quickly. Working with all local transport companies to find you the most suitable options and services for your needs, your logistics challenges will be handled in the most professional way.