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What is express delivery? Express delivery, also referred to as expedited delivery, is the fastest form of shipping. It means that your goods will leave the warehouse or pick-up-site as soon as possible and be on their way via the fastest courier route.

If your express delivery is going to an international destination, usually by plane, it includes an extra shipping cost to get it delivered so quickly. Find out more about express shipping here…

Express services

FedEx, DHL, DPD, and UPS are all examples of Express services that have courier networks who operate nationally and globally. Express shipping costs depend on how quickly the goods need to be delivered, where the goods originate from and where they’re going to, the weight and dimensions of the package, and any special handling and associated fees.

Insurance is vital in case of any claims – this can vary between door-to-door protection, transporters negligence, loss occurring outside the carrier, payment for replacement of goods and freight and associated costs.

International express shipping has other factors that determine costs including tariffs and shipping taxes. Many countries have policies that offer duty relief, or duty drawbacks that help get money back on products that are imported and exported again.

Many companies offer shipping calculators online which provide clear prices based on delivery locations, and give you comparison quotes so that you can decide on the most cost-effective option for you.

Pre-paid shipping offered by some shipping providers can cut down on cost. This involves purchasing a quantity of labels upfront and fixing them to packages in advance instead of on a per-item basis. If you’re sending the same weight packages time and time again this is an affordable option when discounts are obtainable.

One of the major differences between express shipping and standard shipping is the delivery time. Sending your parcel using standard methods regular delivery times would be from two to eight days. With express shipping this is around one day when the product is shipped via an air courier – same-day options are also often available.

Warehouse despatch is another benefit with express shipping with the time taken for goods to leave the facility being one to three days. For standard shipping, goods can remain in the warehouse for up to eight days, and the service doesn’t include overnight shipping or any other special provisions.

As express services are faster prices and rates are also higher than other forms of transport. Standard shipping is typically by road which is more cost-effective. International Express delivery uses air couriers as its main mode of transportation.

Choosing which delivery option suits you depends on whether it’s personal and you’re quite happy to wait, or whether items are needed urgently and greater delivery speed is needed.

Express delivery pros

Research has shown that over 50% of consumers state that delivery times are a major impact on long term customer loyalty.

Express shipping is ideal for:

  • Sending urgent documents
  • Businesses who need to send goods to clients quickly
  • Anyone who needs to receive a parcel immediately
  • Travellers who want luggage to meet them at their destination

International express delivery

Reputable express service providers will have access to wide-ranging air and ground networks making them a reliable source of competitively priced delivery services anywhere in the world. Shipping and logistics services will ensure delivery times are well within deadlines.

Service features can include:

  • European pick-up network
  • Multimodal solutions of ground, sea, and air transport
  • Direct links overnight to international hubs
  • Individual parcel tracking and proof of delivery
  • Predict notifications
  • Independently monitored high security
  • Next day deliveries offered
  • Insurance liability cover
  • Provision of packaging tailored to your specific requirements
  • Access to effective supply chains
  • Handpicked logistics coordinating with your particular needs
  • Help with all necessary documentation

Sending an express parcel

Express parcel and express package delivery can be arranged quickly and easily. Finding the right courier that do international shipping can be simply done online. You can choose to drop-off your package locally at a convenient time, or select a collection option from your home or workplace.

Expert courier services will ensure your parcels arrive safely and on time. You’ll also be provided with a parcel tracking service which gives step-by-step updates on the progress of your goods from collection to delivery.

Full insurance cover is provided if a parcel becomes lost or damaged in transit. Priority Mail International Flat Rate service is the cheapest way to ship internationally, particularly if you’re an individual sender without a business account with express couriers.

Express or expedited shipping is the way to go – and there are many online guides available to use to ensure you can get faster and affordable delivery options for yourself or your clients.