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Deciding on which shipping solutions meet your business needs will be simpler if you know the difference between courier and parcel services. Basic information will help you to identify the best options for delivery that come within your budget and your deadlines.

Choosing the right delivery option will guarantee quick delivery of goods and prevent delays that could damage your business reputation.

So, what are the differences between courier and parcel? Read on to find out more…

Courier service

A courier and parcel company will deliver goods quickly and often offer same-day or next-day delivery options. A large function of courier services is the speed and efficiency provided. Specific delivery times are also available making this estimated time slot extremely convenient for businesses and customers alike.

Courier services are also perfect solutions for bulky and heavy items as there are fewer weight and size restrictions, and real-time tracking is a great advantage. You’ll be able to access this option online or even call the courier company’s customer services team to ask for an update.

Professional packaging will often be offered to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and intact. This is extremely helpful if the goods that you’re sending are fragile or valuable. Other add-on services from courier companies that offer delivery solutions, and can work with your business to develop and interact with your individual delivery needs, can make this your preferred choice.

Types of courier service

Courier services will either specialise in a specific type of shipping such as regional or local or cover an entire range of shipping services including global destinations. Bear in mind that these services tend to be pricier as they include costs such as fuel and remote area surcharges and parcel handling fees.

See below for more information:

Local shipping

This is where courier services excel in providing same-day delivery for parcels and important documents within local boundaries.

Time-sensitive shipping

These courier services have specific time frames in which goods are delivered. This could be one to three working days with specific hours during the day for the delivery to arrive- often a two-hour slot, for example from 9.00 am-11.00 am. Courier companies that provide this service include FedEx and DHL.

International shipping

If you want to ship your goods to global worldwide destinations there are courier services providing overseas networks that offer all the help you need. Additional services here include international tracking that gives you visibility of your goods at all times, customs handling, and transportation logistics.

When an express courier ships items internationally for you they’re responsible for handling your goods from the country of origin to the country of destination.

Parcel service

Using a parcel service is ideal for the delivery of light goods. Getting goods delivered to individual customers in small quantities is also the best use of this service. Items are typically sent by standard delivery and can take several days to arrive at their destination.

This service is designed to be affordable for any budget – your parcel will be collected from the location you specify and taken to the company’s central hub before sorting. Following this, it’ll be loaded onto a van to be taken to the final location.

Generic tracking will typically be available indicating where your parcel is and the day it should arrive. Many businesses prefer to use this more budget-friendly service to send non-urgent and routine communications.

Finding a trusted delivery company is simple through online search comparisons. You’ll be able to choose the service that suits you that delivers your parcel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Preparing to send your parcel

To ensure your parcel gets to its required destination without delay you should:

  • Wrap the parcel well using tissue, bubble wrap, or other packing materials before sealing in a strong box.
  • Measure your parcel to ensure it doesn’t exceed any size and weight restrictions
  • For items of clothing consider using strong plastic postage bags
  • Label it clearly with a full address including the correct postcode.
  • Ensure you have adequate insurance that covers you for loss or damage.

Need international shipping?

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