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The importance of the freight shipping industry continues to develop as it consistently provides companies with a fast and easy solution to the shipping process. Sustainability remains an important goal, as do decreasing costs, growing profits, and expanding market share within the sector.

With the rapid growth in technology, the safe and effective transportation of goods from one destination to another is incredibly important. Maritime shipping continues to offer many benefits and remains the most popular delivery model with its environmentally friendly and economical features.

Digitalisation will start to reduce the paperwork within the shipping industry and the ports with electronic documentation becoming the norm. This may increase the risk of cybersecurity and is where the assistance of a third or 4th party logistics provider will be invaluable.

Professional freight forwarders have knowledge and experience in all types of merchandise delivery and will offer advice on any issues with freight movement, particularly across international borders. Even during the pandemic the shipping sector effectively maintained the safe supply of goods.

Facts and figures

  • Around 80% to 90% of international trade is carried out by the international shipping industry according to a compilation of statistical data and assessments of structural challenges reported by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
  • Global container shipping showed an increase of 2.7% in the third quarter relative to the previous year, following a 6.9% increase during the second month of growth. Anticipation of marine trade growth is 4.8% even during uncertain times.
  • Over 55,000 cargo ships are active today carrying different types of cargo from raw products to construction materials. Shipping containers have a huge capacity and the distances travelled on a yearly basis relate to travelling to the moon and back.
  • There are almost 20 million ships transporting goods across the ocean with engines that are 1000 times more powerful than the average family car. A standard shipping container is 33.1 cubic meters with a 40ft shipping container holding 76.2 cubic meters.
  • The shipping fleet is represented in over 150 countries with 1.5 million sailors working globally transporting an entire range of commodities from food to cars.
  • The shipping industry produces the smallest amount of CO2 emissions per mile and per ton of transported cargo and is recognised as the most efficient within the commercial cargo industry. Environmental responsibility includes caring across all levels from collection to delivery at the final destination.

International shipping and freight forwarding

The freight forwarding industry will provide you with a fast and simple solution to the shipping process as the rising demand for imports and exports across international markets continues to expand.

A freight forwarder company will handle everything related to the shipping of your goods acting as an intermediary between you and transport companies. They will make sure all shipping documents are in order and that all rules and regulations are followed and met. Professional freight forwarders have extensive knowledge of transport solutions for foreign destinations and are also practised in dealing with foreign trade and laws.

When you choose an international shipping and freight forwarding company that offers a wide range of worldwide transportation solutions you’ll be able to get a quote upfront for the services provided.

Main international shipping solutions include air freight, parcel courier services, and letter mail. Sea freight is ideal for when speed isn’t a necessity and your consignment may be consolidated with other international shipments. Delivery can be door to door or door to port.

How to send an international package

There are a few single steps you need to follow if you are personally going to send an international package:

  • Check the list of prohibited and restricted items to ensure that you are posting safely.
  • Check the international size and weight guide to ensure you use the correct format.
  • Get help with customs forms to ensure you are using the correct form for the service purchased. Bear in mind that customs forms may need to be computer-generated.
  • Choose the most suitable packaging for your parcel and address it clearly. International address formats are different for each country and need to be printed clearly in capital letters if not obtained as a computer print-out.
  • Get the latest service updates to learn about any issues that may be impacting parcel and letter services.
  • Choose a postage option and arrange for your package to be collected or take it to a recommended drop-off point or post office.

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