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There are numerous international courier companies. But how do you know which one to choose when you are seeking to send an international package? It’s true that there are several criteria you should consider when choosing your international courier service provider.

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the most important ones that you should bear in mind when making your decision. Take a look below.

How to choose the best international courier services?

Whether it’s for business or personal purposes, sending and receiving packages has become a daily part of our lives. But whether you send once-off or on a regular basis, you need a reliable international courier service. Here are just a few of the criteria you should consider when choosing your courier partner:

  1. Speed of delivery – In our competitive world, speed these days is everything. The faster you can ship your products to a customer and the faster they receive them, the better customer satisfaction, repeat business and overall positive effect on the bottom line. With this in mind, it’s crucial to see what delivery options your chosen courier company offers in terms of speed.
  2. Costs and payment methods – Another factor to consider is the actual cost of the shipment. In some cases, courier companies can offer you lower costs for bulk shipments. But this is not always the norm. Also, a cheap international courier may seem like the best option at first glance but extra add-ons can build up. Therefore, make sure you do thorough research about the types of goods you’re sending, which destination you’re sending them to, how quickly you would like them to arrive and how much it will cost. Once you’ve settled on the cost, think about whether their payment methods are easy and convenient for you.
  3. Insurance – For businesses that ship fragile or expensive goods, insurance is a must. But not all courier companies offer this and this is another criteria you should check. Insurance will be helpful if something goes wrong or an item is damaged in transit. It will help lower your risk and reduce your losses.
  4. Tracking capability – We live in technologically advanced times. We rely on tech for so many things, so why shouldn’t shipping be a part of this? The good news is that it is. Many courier companies, although not all, offer tracking options and services to ensure you know exactly where your products are at any given point in time.
  5. Restrictions – Shipping restrictions are another very important aspect to consider. You may be ready to sign on the dotted line and make your payment only to find out that your specific product type can’t be shipped at all because of its size and dimensions, weight, fragility, or the nature of the item itself.
  6. Additional services– Of course, your needs may also necessitate the use of add-on services. These may include specialist packaging and labelling, warehousing, logistics and of course, e-commerce feasibility.
  7. Territories and destinations – They say that we live in a small world and with shrinking borders and faster and ever more efficient ways of reaching far-off places, this may very well be true. But in the context of international courier services, it’s crucial to see whether your chosen courier company serves and ships to your desired destinations and territories.
  8. Location of delivery centres – For the sake of convenience, you also need to check the location of your courier company’s delivery centres. They may offer you options such as airport to airport, port to port, express services or even door to door. Make sure your courier partner offers you the right options.
  9. Online reviews and customer testimonials – Doing some research online to see whether existing customers are satisfied with your courier service provider is another important step to take. Checking online reviews and testimonials will help you see the strengths and weaknesses of your potential courier partner and whether they provide a strong customer service.
  10. Customer support – The last point is customer support. Emergencies arise from time to time and you need to get in touch with a real human being to sort out the problem. So, it’s important to ask what kind of customer support they offer and what their availability is like e.g. 24/7 or during business hours only.

Do you need to send international shipments from Spain?

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