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There are many benefits of shipping internationally when you want to expand your business and reach more customers as you take your business to the global level.

It’s also an ideal way to increase your brand’s visibility, and reduce returns.

International shipping companies can help navigate the complexities of international shipping, providing services to make the process straightforward. How does the international parcel service work? What are the differences between domestic and international delivery? Read on…

Domestic parcel delivery

A parcel service may involve the use of a courier after your parcel has been carefully packaged and labelled. Depending on the company you use you can arrange for a home or work address collection, or you can take it to a local dropoff point.

Your parcel will then be taken to a local depot for sorting by destination address where all packages for the same destination will be grouped together. Then it will be delivered to the destination hub.

From here delivery drivers will be given specific routes based on the destination addresses and your package will be amongst these. If you’re not in when your delivery is attempted it may be left in a specified safe space, with a neighbour, or re-delivered the following day.

If you’re expecting a delivery you’ll generally be able to track your package online during its journey. Tracking services are provided by the unique barcode on the shipping label that’s scanned at every key point in the delivery from the pick up to the final destination. This information can help you arrange for someone to be in when your delivery arrives.

International parcel service explained

International parcel services work in a similar way to domestic delivery. International parcel shipping is basically divided into two categories: import and export services. The import service is the option that lets you bring packages from other parts of the world to you, and export services refer to shipments that are sent abroad.

The export and import function provided by international parcel services ensure that this part of the service is carried out as simply as possible on your behalf.

Depending on the international parcel company that you choose you may be offered door to door collection and delivery options. If you choose a standard international shipping service it can take between two to six days for your package to arrive at its destination, with express delivery providing a much faster timescale.

Express shipping to global destinations can be used for urgent deliveries. They follow the same journey as a regular parcel but are prioritised for faster delivery. Bear in mind that modern delivery networks operate 24 hours so you’ll easily be able to arrange an express delivery option when you need it.

Getting your parcel delivered overseas

You’ll need to source a courier to ship your parcel with and then follow these simple steps to get your parcel ready for its journey:

  • Measure each parcel in centimetres to get an accurate price from your courier
  • Weigh each parcel once ready for transportation in kilos
  • Record the collection and delivery addresses ready to input on the courier website
  • Get a quote by entering the size and weight of your parcels and the number of parcels you’re sending
  • Select the service that suits your requirements and your budget and book the collection
  • Print out the necessary labels and customs paperwork and await collection.

What happens next?

All international parcels are sorted at a local depot and put alongside other parcels collected on that day to be transported to a local sortation hub. This is where the domestic deliveries are separated from the international deliveries before being moved to the European sorting hub, where parcels are sorted into different countries.

During the customs procedure, each parcel is scanned and x-rayed, and on occasion, parcels may be opened to check the contents. Having passed through customs parcels are then loaded onto an aircraft, and depending on the route they will be transported in the hold of a regular passenger plane, or on a dedicated cargo plane.

When your parcel arrives at the country of destination it will be checked through customs as before and then sorted at the import hub to be forwarded to a local delivery depot. A local driver employed by the courier will then deliver your parcel to its final destination.

Need a parcel delivery from Barcelona?

When you need advice and support with international deliveries DRG Solutions can help with any international courier services from Barcelona. International parcel transport services will be identified to ensure that your package will be delivered at the right time for a cost that suits your budget. Your parcel may travel by ground, air, or sea, and you’ll be given options for warehousing if needed. The most suitable services will be chosen on your behalf guaranteeing the ideal solution for your individual delivery needs.