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A courier is defined as a company or employee of a company that transports items from a business or individual to a recipient. A courier service is an all-inclusive facility that collects and delivers shipments in the shortest possible time.

Courier delivery services are frequently used by businesses to fulfil requirements for localised and regional services as they’re reliable and cost-effective. With the growth of global commerce, an international courier company will distribute products across the world.

So, how does a courier and parcel company work? Read on to find out more…

Courier responsibilities

A courier will provide door to door delivery services, often offering one day or one-hour slots. Tasks include:

  • Picking up and delivering items to their requested destination
  • Verifying delivery information such as names and addresses and contact numbers
  • Loading goods onto vehicles
  • Obtaining signatures and collecting necessary payments
  • Recording delivery information including delivery time and recipient’s name

How the messaging works – couriers receive their instructions by person, mobile phone, or two-way radio. Using this information, they plan the most efficient route and the delivery schedule. Courier services generally have at least three drivers – if none are available the dispatcher will advise the business when the first driver becomes obtainable.

As couriers spend a considerable amount of time travelling, they must be familiar with delivery routes and be able to plan effectively in order to meet delivery deadlines.

The benefits of courier delivery services

A huge advantage of using a courier service is the speed and reliability of parcel deliveries. Specialist next-day options with specific delivery times are extremely convenient. Real-time tracking is another bonus so you know exactly where your shipment is during all stages of the delivery process.

There are also fewer weight and size restrictions when it comes to sending goods by courier. And you can arrange for your goods to be professionally packed, ensuring that fragile items will arrive at their destination safely.

How to send a parcel by courier?

Using an online courier service is simple to do. You’ll be able to get a quote from the home page and select the courier service that best suits you. Then you fill out the required details and make your payment. A label will be available for you to print off and you attach this to your parcel. You’ll be given a pick-up time slot when you can hand your parcel over to the courier.

The courier will take your parcel to the nearest depot, where it’ll be sorted and sent to the closest depot to the delivery location. Here it’ll be assigned to a driver who covers this area and your parcel will be delivered on this route.

Starting your own courier delivery service

If you’re keen to start a courier company you’ll need to invest in a reliable vehicle able to carry greater volumes, as your business increases. This may involve the need for a commercial driving licence depending on the weight of the van.

Promoting your business will be key to finding potential new clients. Business cards, brochures, adverts in local newspapers, and an insert in business directories will all provide marketing avenues.

Determining which businesses to target will help decide what types of items you collect and deliver. This will result in setting limits with regards to your capacity. Focusing on small retail outlets and office complexes for example will give you the opportunity to become their regular delivery person.

Make sure you’re offering competitive rates – and provide discounts for regular clients. Or you can establish your courier company as a small exclusive for delivering fragile items in a niche market that lets you charge higher prices.

As you expand you can hire additional drivers and eventually set up your own dispatch centre.

Differences between a courier and a logistics service

A courier will transport and deliver items from one location to another quickly and effectively. This includes important paperwork and projects that need to be handled with care, typically under a strict time restriction.

Courier services focus primarily on speed, and businesses rely on them to make deliveries within certain timeframes.

Logistics services can be complex and are responsible for organising entire orders, materials and workflow for organisations. A logistics service will concentrate on moving freight which is shipped and delivered differently than courier materials. Cargo will be much bulkier and will be transported by sea, air, train, or road. It may be cheaper to use this service but it may not be tracked, and take longer for the delivery to arrive at its destination.

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